The Veterans Affairs Suicide Prevention Advisory Board (VASPAB) is an ad hoc advisory board of the Resilience Tech-Foruma non-profit organization which pursues the collaborative application of Tech industry member developed technologies and skillsets for the benefit of societyRegarding a long list of societal problems, the inaugural Resilience Tech-Forum project focuses on self harm and suicide prevention for military veterans.  The VASPAB is a focal point of this critical effort. 

The VASPAB solicits veterans' input on the use of technology to reduce the incidence of suicide and other deaths of despair among veterans.  The VASPAB was established by the VA Palo Alto Community Engagement Partnership Organization and 2-Dooz in 2022.

The VASPAB is a private and public research collaboration, which has as its main goal the recruitment of technology, to help shift the emphasis from suicide prediction to suicide prevention.  The veteran members of the VASPAB provide key input to and feedback regarding the Resilience Suicide Prevention Study, which is examining how chronic stress punctuated by acute stress during a personal crisis can increase a military veteran’s risk of a death of despair.  

We are looking for veterans who would like to help with the Resilience Suicide Prevention Study.  We are currently recruiting healthy veteran volunteers to help us determine if our identified suite of clinical surveys can be used to help assess "safe" individuals and "at risk for suicide" individuals.  Please contact us to learn how you can contribute to this effort.